A blend of hypnotic herbs and spices fill the air, your taste buds water, your stomach moans for some tasty Jerk chicken and Jerk pork, which are extremely spicy. These are just two of Jamaica’s favorite dishes. Several others are the country’s appetizing national dish, “Ackee and Salt fish,” our infamous Curry Goat and Chicken and delicacies such as Manish Water, a soup claimed to cure infertility, impotence and even the common the cold. Jamaican food consists of a wide range of exotic spices and tropical fruits and vegetables, due to its location.

Reggae music is one of Jamaica’s most famous cultural aspects. It was derived from a form of Jamaican music called Dancehall. Dancehall then evolved into Ska, which was a very energetic music with trumpets and horns. From Ska sprung the slow and steady beats of Rocksteady music. Immediately following was the evolution into Reggae music. Reggae gave birth to many famous artist the greatest of which is undoubtedly Robert Nester Marley, otherwise known as Bob Marley. His music touched the four corners of the world and even in spite of his untimely death in 1981 his music is still heard in cafes, clubs, houses and bars across the world. Jamaica is also home to such recent and famous artist as Jimmy Cliff, who has had various performances in American productions, Beenie man, Bounty Killa and Mr. “Bombastic” himself, Shaggy. Jamaica’s culture is also accompanied by the folk music of the island. Jamaica’s folk music is said to have its origin in West Africa, meaning it is both African and Jamaican.

Jamaica is known to have the most churches per square mile than any other country. It is primarily a Christian society. There are many denominations in the country. The church types range from Methodist, Catholic, Seventh-day Adventist, Anglican, to Mormon and Rastafarian and many more. Jamaica is known primarily for its Rastafarian religion, which has several unique practices. They believe that Haile Salassie, the former leader of Ethiopia, is their leader. They are generally free spirited, and believe in the spiritual use of marijuana or Ganja.

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